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Welding/Lightning Lighting LED kit

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Product Description

Create the effect of lightning and/or welding in your miniature scene with this LED kit.

Lightning adds that spooky effect to haunted houses, Harry Potter scenes, castles, etc.

Welding is a common sight in Railroad repair sheds, many types of industry, automotive garages, and military installations. Go ahead and add a lively welding scene to your Diorama!

Effect kit includes:

  •  a combination of 3, 1.8 mm LEDs: 2 Flashing White and 1 Solid Blue (7-12 volt DC)
  • in-line switch
  • 14" wires


No circuit board needed!

Use this DC Kit with any 9 Volt battery. A 9V battery powers these lights for about 40 hours, then you need to add a fresh battery

For a more permanent hook-up, you can run these lights with our regulated 12V DC wall adapter