All Products are 1/12 Scale Unless Noted Otherwise


Awesome Email Made My Day!

Liz Dieleman on 11th May 2024

I just received this wonderful email from a new online customer who really made my day.  She is making a miniature horse stable.  Thank you Erin!"Hi Liz,I just wanted to reach out and thank … read more
Wonderful Young Customers

Wonderful Young Customers

Liz Dieleman on 10th May 2024

I recently had a couple of young customers, Ryo and Emma, friends who travelled a couple of hours to visit my store.  They came for their second visit with Ryo's parents.  They had been savi … read more

30th Anniversary Open House & Sale

29th Oct 2023

30th Anniversary Open House Saturday, November 18Sunday, November 19 andMonday, November 2010am - 4pm DailyCome out and see what is new at our store and experience:-3 awesome limited edition anniversa … read more

Thanks so much, Misty, for this wonderful Google review!

Liz by Misty, AB on 20th Aug 2023

I just recently made a purchase online from Grandpas dollhouse and was blown away by the goods I received. I'm new to the whole dollhouse world and am learning as I go, but this shop was absolutely in … read more