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The MET show...............WOW!!

The MET show...............WOW!!

Posted by Liz Dieleman on 16th Oct 2022

We were at the MET show in Toronto yesterday as vendors and what a whirlwind of activity it was.  Let me tell you, we have been doing this show for more than 15 years and this was the busiest we … read more

A happy mini bear lover, like me.

Posted by Liz Dieleman on 15th Feb 2022

Thank you, Maria, for your kind words.  We very much appreciate hearing from happy customers.  :-)"Thank you so much Liz!I loved receiving my purchase, everything is more beautiful in pers … read more

We are Happy When our Customers are Happy

Posted by Liz Dieleman on 11th Feb 2022

Wow.  Such nice words from a wonderful customer today............"I received my order today (earlier than I expected), and I absolutely love the lamps - they will work very well in my dollhouse, … read more made my day. Thank you!

Posted by Liz Dieleman on 17th Jan 2022

  There was a wonderful product review posted on the website today and I just had to share.  Thank you Richard.  You made my day!  :-)  5 Old SparkyPosted by richard met … read more
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