All Products are 1/12 Scale Unless Noted Otherwise

Awesome Email Made My Day!

Liz Dieleman on 11th May 2024

I just received this wonderful email from a new online customer who really made my day.  She is making a miniature horse stable.  Thank you Erin!

"Hi Liz,I just wanted to reach out and thank you for such a positive first-time shopping experience. I already knew to expect good things based on your glowing reviews, but your customer service is next level! I'm blown away by the care and detail that went into customizing my grab bag to fit my theme and the personalized notes on certain items. From the sub of a more expensive item for one I ordered that wasn't in stock, right down to the biodegradable packing peanuts, you go above and beyond. I estimate that there was probably ~$20 worth of extras added to the grab bag too!

I'm SO happy to have found a local business to support my new hobby.The barn is starting to clutter up nicely. I will most certainly make your site my first stop for new items to add. Perhaps I will even arrange an in-person visit someday. Until then, from me and the current barn residents... THANK YOU SO MUCH! - Erin G."