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Loft Window with Tip Out

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Product Description

1/12 scale loft type window with smaller 4 pane window in middle that is separate.  Small window can be pin hinged but it is easier to just glue it into the middle of the larger window in the position you prefer.  (see photo of finished wall using these windows..........done by artisan Shelley Acker)  These windows are laser cut from 1/8" plywood.  They take paint and stain very well!  Window measures 3" x 5" and can be used vertically or horizontally.  Transom window shown in finished wall photo sold separately.


NOTE:  Shelley sells her work and you can see it on her facebook page, FREEDOM MINIATURES.  You can also see this finished piece at her store, of the same name,  in Kentville, Nova Scotia.