All Products are 1/12 Scale Unless Noted Otherwise

Grab Bag - $5.00

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Grab bag of miniatures with a value of at least $15.00. Once in a while we put extras in a bag so that the value is much more than $15.00. Try your luck! All items in the bag are 1/12 scale. If we do add an item that is not 1/12 scale, the value is not included in the tally for the $15.00 retail is a free bonus...............a test for your imagination. If you have a project that you are currently working on, please make a note of it in the customer comments on your order and we will do our best to tailor your bag so that you may be able to use some items in your project. We want you to be happy with your purchase and have fun with it. Surprises are always fun! Remember the candy grab bags you loved as a child? Well, this is like that, only better..............much better! These bags don't cause toothaches. :-)


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    $5 Grab Bags

    Posted by Sherry H. on 21st Feb 2024

    These are fabulous! Loaded with so many goodies, always at least 1 or 2 special & valuable items- I got a lovely Victorian white wicker look iron settee- along with many great smaller items, all very useful in a household setting. Wish I'd gotten more before they sold out.

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    Grab bags

    Posted by Misty on 1st Aug 2023

    I'm absolutely blown away by these bags. This was so exciting I felt like a little kid at Christmas. The amount if stuff in each bag......just wow. As someone new to doll-housing, the mix of items were just what I needed. I would never thought to buy most of those things but now that I have them I will use every single one. I spent so much time pulling out each item never wanting it to end. So generous, so much fun and I thank you so much.

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    $5 Grab Bag

    Posted by Joanne Horsnell on 9th Jun 2023

    My goodness! What a great surprise. This Bag is full of great things. Easily worth much more than $5. Very exciting discovering each and every item.

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    Best thing ever

    Posted by Vanessa Ward on 10th Oct 2021

    It’s just like a grab bag that you bought when you were a kid I was so excited to open them. I Absolutely love everything I got. So much so that I went and ordered more I’m addicted now

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    Grab Bag

    Posted by Sue Toye on 25th Sep 2021

    Lots of little goodies, best grab bag yet.

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    $5 grab bag

    Posted by Fonda Forsythe on 28th Feb 2021

    The value of this bag is a lot more then the $5 you pay , wow some very special items are in there!

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    Grab bags

    Posted by Selma on 21st Jul 2020

    Wonderful assortment of miniatures! I just love everything!

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    Grab bags

    Posted by Selma on 1st Jun 2020

    So very worth the money, great stuff.

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    Grab bag

    Posted by Selma on 5th May 2020

    Love the variety of items in these bags. Worth buying for sure! Thanks