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The MET show...............WOW!!

The MET show...............WOW!!

Liz Dieleman on 16th Oct 2022

We were at the MET show in Toronto yesterday as vendors and what a whirlwind of activity it was.  Let me tell you, we have been doing this show for more than 15 years and this was the busiest we have ever been!  We were selling non stop from the time the doors opened at 10 am until 4:30 pm.  The show closed at 5pm and I managed to squeeze in about 20 minutes of shopping then, along with 10 minutes to see some of the amazing displays.  If you were at the show and at supported us at our sales table, thank you.  If you were one of the people who waited in line to check out, double thank you.  My husband and I were both run off our feet trying to help people in timely manner.  And, if you were one of the customers who didn't get a smile from me because of hunger, my apologies.   Here are tow now, to, hopefully, make up for it.  :-)  :-) Next year, we will have three people behind the table, for sure.  It was fantastic to see such a fantastic resurgence to the hobby.  I am only sorry that our customer service was not faster.

A high part of the day was the presentation done by Michael, the host along with three of the contestants from the CBC Gem show, "Best in Miniature".  It was great to hear some of the background of the show and get the chance to ask questions of the contestants.  I was lucky enough to speak to them after the presentation for a bit and had a photo taken with them. (my husband, Wayne, graciously held down the fort at the table) They are a great bunch.  Season two of the show will be broadcast next January on more streaming.

A HUGE thanks goes out to the members of the Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto for a fantastic show, the other vendors who made such a great variety of items available to the public and all the wonderful people who attended the show and supported us all.

We look forward to another great show in 2023.