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Thanks so much, Misty, for this wonderful Google review!

Liz by Misty, AB on 20th Aug 2023

I just recently made a purchase online from Grandpas dollhouse and was blown away by the goods I received. I'm new to the whole dollhouse world and am learning as I go, but this shop was absolutely incredible. First, the products on the website were really incredibly priced. i ended up buying a bunch of stuff because there were so many great items and deals, including $5 grab bags. Second, the packaging!! Oh my goodness, just the greatest box to begin with, never mind what's inside! Third, inside the box. Wow. Just wow. It was just so thoughtful, so much attention to detail and just so exciting. I felt like a kid at Christmas. Everything I ordered was perfect, and I even received a personalized handwritten note. Just the nicest, most caring person and company. Now fourth..... those grab bags!! Just unreal, I ordered 5, and let me tell you, they were PACKED. I kept saying to my husband I felt like it was my birthday. The surprises just never ended. I haven't been that excited in forever. As a newbie to dollhouses, words can not describe how incredibly grateful I am for all the wonderful items in those bags. There are so many amazing little items, and the best part is so many I wouldn't have thought to buy, but every one of them is really useful and will work great for me. Liz, thank you SO SO SO MUCH. I will never forget how happy I was opening up your package (which is just beautiful) . You are so kind and that was so much fun. I recommend this place to everyone, definitely worth supporting.