16th Mar 2020

Making my day..............

In these days of uncertainty, I was so pleased to receive this wonderful message from a caring customer, Linda L. from Saskatoon, SK...…..

"Thank you so much Liz for my previous order! Everything was packed so well and all arrived safely. I had so much fun unpacking all the treasures and greatly appreciate the time you spent to make sure it arrived safely! You are truly my “kindred spirit “and friend in our miniature world and cannot thank you enough for your kindness. You truly are a gracious lady and I thank you!"

When I asked for her permission to post this message, this was her reply:

"Please, by all means post my message as I want all to know what a wonderful lady you are! Thank you for your kindness in gifting me with such a sweet addition to my dolls mini dollhouse. I truly appreciate your kindness and am grateful to have you as my friend! Please take care and I’ll talk to you soon again as I look forward to acquiring more goodies for my dollies! Have a wonderful day Liz and thanks again, Linda."

Customers and mini friends like this are just one of the benefits of doing what I do.  Miniaturists are awesome people.

Stay safe everyone.  Liz