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1/16" Shrink Tube (3 ft)

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Product Description

3 Feet of 1/16" shrink tube you can use to protect all of your wire connections.

This size is great for when you have just a few lights to connect.

The shrink tube is thin walled so it does not take up space after shrinking, but still very durable.

Easy to Shrink! You don't need to use a heat gun. If you do not have one, this shrink tube will shrink with a hair dryer or lighter or an embossing tool.

Other Shrink Tube ideas:

      • use to bundle wires out of the way
      • cut a small piece and use it to "jacket" or "cover" the sides of your LED. It cuts down all side-light
      • use to help hold your bundle of fiber-optic cables onto the surface of your sanded LED