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3v Battery Snap Switch Combo

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Product Description

An easy way to bring power to your 3V LEDs.

Made to run 3 Volt LEDs

This fully assembled unit features

  • a coin cell holder suitable for the common cr2032 battery
  • Wire leads
  • a convenient push-on push-off button switch to turn your item on and off.
  •  CR2032 battery

This coin cell holder switch unit will run from 1 - 10 LEDs safely and brightly.

3 Volt LEDs for use with this coin cell holder

***With this unit, solid LEDs need to be separate from any flash or flicker LEDs. Give flash or flicker groups their own coin cell.***

In our tests, 6 lights lasted over 12 hours on one battery. By 12 hours they were noticeably dimmer. A test of the battery at 12 hours showed the voltage was down from 3.0 to 2.6 volts. The lights continued to stay on at a nice level for several additional hours before another battery was needed.

Holder/Switch Dimensions:

The coin cell holder is .24 inches thick and .9 inches across at the widest point. You can clip the plastic "wings" to save 0.1 inch on the width if space is at a premium!